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Small Group Tours


special tours

Throughout the year we offer special custom itinerary travel opportunities for small groups that want to dive deeper into Zapotec art, culture and history. Our focus brings you closer to Oaxaca's rich creative heritage and create meaningful personal experiences for every guest. Our community of talented artisan friends open their homes and studios to you and share their stories with you. Group size is never more than 12 people to make sure you have an up-close view of what makes Oaxaca and its people so unique. These programs happen throughout the year and can also be organized for your small group as a custom tour. Take a look at some of our special tours and let us know how we can share Oaxaca with you.


el día de los muertos

During one of the most mystical and legendary times of the year in Oaxaca we bring you closer to the rituals and traditions that our community has practiced over centuries. Both in Oaxaca City and in Teotitlán you will be a participant, not just an observer. Share in our family's preparations and help us receive the spirits of our departed loved ones and meet the artisans whose work illuminates our celebrations. This year's tour is set for Oct. 28 - Nov. 4, 2018. Contact us to ask for a complete itinerary!



10-day art adventure

With Oaxaca City as your home base you'll experience daily adventures in art, history, food and culture. You'll spend time in our studio learning about indigo dyeing and Zapotec weaving, travel to artisan studios to paint your own alebrije or work with clay, roast and grind your own chocolate using our family's favorite recipe, and climb to the top of Mitla's sacred temple for a unique perspective on Zapotec history and culture. You'll have free time in the city for museums, shopping and of course, some of the best food in the world.


Zapotec history and heritage week



textile innovators