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PRESS & Reviews

Erica Goode for the New York Times

Erica Goode for the New York Times

In Mexico, Weavers Embrace Natural Alternatives to Toxic Dyes — The New York Times, 2017

Porfirio Gutierrez, Zapotec Master Weaver First American Art Magazine, 2015

Porfirio Gutiérrez sees young Zapotec weavers embracing their traditionsNational Museum of the American Indian 2017

Exploring Natural Dyes with Zapotec Master Weaver Porfirio Gutierrez  Harvard University Art Museum, 2017


RECENT Lectures by Porfirio

Zapotec Natural Dyes
Harvard University Art Museum

Pacific Standard Time
LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

Innovation Within Traditional Folk Art
De Young Museum, San Francisco, California

Bring It Home
Artists Reconnecting Cultural Heritage with Community Panel discussion with artists in the National Museum of the American Indian’s Artist Leadership Program, Washington DC

Traditional Art in a Modern World
Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, California

Focus on the Masters Artist Spotlight: "A Conversation with Porfirio Gutiérrez"
Lecture, oral history, and video documentation of Porfirio's work, Oxnard, California

Preserving the Weaving Traditions of Zapotec Artisans
University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California

Ancient Natural Dyeing Methods in Teotitlán del Valle
Ventura Museum, Ventura, California

The Ancient Art of Zapotec Weaving
California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, California

Identifying Chemical Dyes in Zapotec Weavings
Friends of Mexican Art, Phoenix, Arizona



"Thank you for showing me your home, your life and your art. This was an incredibly memorable visit." - Erica

"As a weaver, I fell in love with the studio and have a new appreciation for the traditions you uphold." - Kelly M.

"We feel so lucky to be here and to have such an authentic experience with your family! - Deb and Roger